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Introducing our Headache Relief Shower Steamer, a natural and effective way to help alleviate headaches and tension. Infused with powerful menthol crystals, this shower steamer will provide a minty goodness that helps to relax muscles and soothe the mind. Designed to create an aromatherapy experience in the shower, our headache relief shower steamer offers a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. Simply place the steamer in the corner of your shower and let the invigorating scent fill the air, providing relief and relaxation. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to a refreshing and revitalizing shower experience with our headache relief shower steamer.


These steamers are not suitable for consumption and should be used for aromatherapy purposes only. Due to their powerful nature, they are not suitable for small kids or use in bath. Simply place the steamer in the corner of your shower, away from the main water stream, and let the air carry on the invigorating scent. The experience is like a mini steam room right in your own bathroom. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that the product won't cause your shower to get slippery or leave any stains. While the steamer will fizz, it's important not to use it as a bath bomb. If you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service – we're here to help!


Set of four large steamers. One lasts up to uses.



🌿Detergent free

🌿SLS and SLSA are free

🌿Paraben free

🌿 Fragrance free

🌿 Freshly made

🌿 Eco-Friendly

🌿 Chemical free

🌿 Palm oil free

🌿 Not tested on animals

🌿 Hand-made

Headache relief shower steamer set of four


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