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A story of freshness

Wonderland Soaps is a small business based in Co. Meath, Ireland. All soaps are handcrafted by myself from start to finish using only natural ingredients, ensuring the best quality for use on your skin. I thoroughly enjoy making the various soaps and coming up with different recipes, creating the perfect little bar of soap for you, which not only smells and looks beautiful but is kind to your skin too. All soaps are made from natural ingredients using only pure essential oils. Whilst the ingredients are of prime importance, each soap is also beautifully designed.

High-quality soap

This last year has been tough for us all, so why not choose a soap that both feels and looks as gorgeous on the outside as it does on the inside. We’re washing our hands so much these days that sometimes our hands can feel   a little bit dry.


Natural soaps can help with this, gently restoring any imbalances whilst protecting your skin. The importance of our environment and using cruelty-free products are close to my heart, and as a result all soaps are palm-oil free.


As my business grows, I’m gradually introducing vegan soaps in order to ensure my products are more environmentally friendly. This is something I’m very excited to work on and look forward to introducing them to you in the future. When you choose to support a small business like myself, it means the world to me. I’m the equivalent of a proud parent sending my soaps to their homes after spending so many hours working on them.


I hope you enjoy my soaps as much as I enjoy making them.

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