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Scented bags for odur removal. Beautiful cotton bags are filled in with natural products to help keep clothes stay fresh with non-toxic mix. Two scents to choose from Lavender or Egyptian Cotton.

Why chose this product? - is a non-toxic blend perfect choice for anyone, but especially these sensitive to scent detergent that can't be used. This would be a great replacement. This product won't cause irritation to skin since it is not directly used on clothes.

How does it work? - removes odour and absorbs water from air. Will help damp smell in places that haven't been open as regularly. Citric acid will scare moths and bugs away. Espom salt exposed to air for a long time will absorb water that usally would linger in clothing.

How is it better than commercial products ? - is a non-toxic product and carries scent better than sheet paper commercial products. Is 100% eco-friendly and plastic free.

How to care for product?- Hang it or place a bag in any area of your choosing. Multiple Purpose - It can be placed in drawers, cars, suitcases, bags, etc.

Check on it every couple of days shake to refresh the scent.

How do you get multiple uses and dispose of products?-When you're done, you have few ways of getting rid of a bag. Few options below:

1. Do you have a problem with pets in the garden or shead? Eventually, when the scent is gone from the bag, simply sprinkle in place that you have an issue with insects that will keep them away and is non-toxic to plants and grass but place only away from pets and kids.

2.Second option mix mixture with water in spray bottle and can be used as spider repellent. Please don't spray on paint inside home it might leave mark

. It's more for use for outside part of house scent will be still stong when water will be added. Use under window ledge and around windows, garden chairs and front door or under door matt that scary garage corner when you usally would see spider. Again, as a natural company, this mix will only prevent spiders from visiting, and staying in places where you use this product is not to be used for extermination. Nither will work for that purpose.

3. The third option is removing the product , adding to the bowl with warm/hot water, and waiting for it to fizz out and then pour it into the toilet. It will clean it and at the same time be an eco-friendly way of not using general waste bin.

The cotton bag can be washed and re used unfortunately the logo will disappear, which is just ink stamp. Would make a cute bag for jewellery or soap. That's what I usually use it for when I am done with wordbobe refresher.

Each bag weights approx 100 grams

Wardrobe Scent Bag


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