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Why chose my lip scrub? This lip scrub will be your new go-to product .This product gently exfoliates lips to remove chapped and dry skin, but !!! It doesn't end there. It is also infused with pure almond oil and jelly, which will hydrate lips after to protect lips when going through the process to not exfoliate the protection barrier of skin, which is so delicate. Taste yuuumy, and it smells like summer fruit . No harmful food colourants , perfumes, or artificial sweetners are added, which are usually used in lip scrubs. Our lip scrub should be more than sugar it should be beneficial and enjoyable to use and still as natural as it gets. Creates a lovely, moisturizing & nourishing experience for plump lips. Made with the finest organic ingredients.

''Summer Strawberry ''Lip scrub luxury size

  • Petroleum Jelly, Almon Oil, Olive Oil, Jajoba Oil, Strawberry and rasberry essential Oil, Sugar, Argan Oil

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